Modeling Bible Study through Preaching

  1. Shallow, self-style preaching produce shallow people. Deep biblical preaching produce deep biblically thinking, biblically literate, biblically rich people.
  2. When you go down in understanding, you go up in worship.  They’re directly proportional to one another. The deeper you understand the truth, the higher your ability to to worship, the stronger will be your feeling towards God’s awesomeness. (Rephrase John MacArthur/Mahaney)


1. 雖然人說自己不相信真理,但是內心本性中都相信真理;Penn的醜聞


1. 「真誠」的相信/「真實」的相信-不等同於真理;Sincerity cannot be the measure of truth;Sinecerely held beliefs must be truth;

2. 謙卑意味著「不確定」;Humility entails uncertainty. What makes you happy/feel good is religion. Why so exclusive? Implicit: God is what works for me. Machen: Gospel = Historical Fact + Theological Interpretation;


1 Vital Truth

Our God speaks: Blind man and an elephant; If the elephant can talk, the analogy breaks down. God is all of them.

Is God wise enough to make Him known? The problem is not with God speaking, but our hearing, or our willingness to hear.  Everyone is searching for truth, but no one is willing to find it.