Jesus on Every Page (Review) 《頁頁見耶穌》書評

The whole book is divided into 2 parts. First part contains 6 chapters. It is mainly about why it’s not only necessary but also beneficial for Christians to study the Old Testament by looking for Jesus and through the eyes of Jesus.  The 2nd part (10 chapters) provides the 10 keys to accomplish the purpose of the book: to see and savor “Jesus on Every Page”.

The first 6 chapters are short: 42 pages total.  Yet I find it convicting as the author’s journey to find Jesus on Every Page resonates with my own pursuit to understand Old Testament better and fuller. I’m glad Dr. Murray includes answers from Jesus and 3 prominent apostles in the NT to drive the point home.

Chapter 7: Christ’s Planet: Discovering Jesus in the Creation. This chapter opens my eyes to the correlation between the work/nature of creation with that of redemption.

Chapter 8: Christ’s People: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Characters. This chapter helpfully takes a balanced approach of reading the characters of OT not for moralistic lessons, but for Jesus like character building with God at the center. It not include don’ts but also dos that deserve the attention of any serious Bible teachers and students.

Chapter 9: Christ’s Presence: Discovering Jesus in His Old Testament Appearances. This is a chapter that gives me more challenges that the other. I think the primary reason is that I have not had enough training or careful study of the points made in the chapter.  And it prompts me to go study the footnotes with other resources mentioned in the book.

Chapter 10: Christ’s Precepts, Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Law

This chapter helps to read the OT law from the perspective of its revealing to us about Jesus. The 10 keys presented in this chapter guide us on knowing and appreciating Jesus through the OT laws. The examples given to showcase this connection and application are very helpful and edifying. I also like the fact that David uses portions of Westminster Catechism to highlight/expound on how the proper use of OT law has been an integrated and harmonious part of the gospel of Jesus.

Chapter 11: Christ’s Past: Discovering Jesus in Old Testament History

This chapter is an interesting and rarely found undertake of how Jesus read the OT and reflect on the book.  Dr. Murray enlisted modern scholar and Jonathan Edward in this chapter. He managed to say just enough while pointing to the sources.

Chapter 12: Christ’s Prophets – Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Prophets

By starting with the need, the calling and representation of prophets, this chapter lists many aspects of the life and ministry of prophets and shows how all these are very relevant to that of Jesus.  The part that addresses Old Testament prophecy fulfillment is especially clear and helpful, with short example for different type of fulfillment.

Chapter 13: Christ’s Pictures: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Types. This chapter gives a comprehensive list of pictures and symbols that were used in the OT to point us to Jesus.

Chapter 14: Christ’s Promises: Discovering Jesus in the Old Testament Covenants. This chapter opens my eyes to the deeper connection between the covenants in the Old Testament. From the definition of covenant, to the reason for the needs of covenants, from the sacrifice in each covenant, to the speech, the sign, and the scope of covenant, my whole understanding of the promises made in the OT are greatly enriched. Yet the book does not stop there, it also gives 7 perspectives on why the New Covenant is new.

The last 2 chapters covered the book of Proverbs, Psalms and the Song of Solomon. The explanation is clear and succinct.

Overall, this is a book I thoroughly enjoy reading. I know for sure that I’ll keep coming back to reference it when reading and teaching Old Testament in the future.  The scripture index and study questions at the end of the book will be invaluable for those who are interested in developing teaching plans.  I wish I had a book like this when I started reading the Old Testament. It was a pleasant surprise for me that Dr. Murray was persuaded to write a layman level book like this.  But the benefit is that more people and churches will be able to use it for the glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Trueman 教授的思考中,提到了Abrham Kuyper與Tim Keller。


Surely it is time to become realistic.  It is time to drop the cultural elitism that poses as significant Christian transformation of culture but only really panders to nothing more than middle class tastes and hobbies.  It is time to look again at the New Testament’s teaching on the church as a sojourning people where here we have no lasting home.  The psalms of lament teach us that it is only when we have realistic horizons of expectation will we be able to stand firm against what is coming.  If we do  not understand that now, we are going to be sorely disappointed in the near future.