Ignorance is not Bliss

Challenge to the non-Christians: Who is your shepherd?  

How can you have a borrowed Christian moral standard without a solid moral foundation?

Neither the republican party or democratic party cares about the cause of Christ.  Christians need to be aware of being used.

Abraham Kuyper: Individuals, Ideas + Institutions, Profound Observation: This World is NOT normal.  As a result of sin/fall, all die and we see injustice.

Near prophetic statement before communism and facism: The way this is going, either the state becomes tyrannical or the individual becomes a tyrant who destroys all institutions.  (20th century + American) To counter it, realize that only God is sovereign.  Both the state and the individual are responsible to God.

Don’t let the world + marketing control your desires.  The Christian witness is a concern for the needy and justice.


-Robert Godfrey (Ligionier 2012)



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