Foolishness to the Greeks

The foolishness were to the Corinthians who were into the man-centered philosophies of the world.

1. Foolish message: 1 Corin 1:18~25

The word of Cross, indictment of man, No salvation under heaven but through the cross, Moros->Moron, Total inability for the sinner to see and understand the Cross, The reason was that 1st century was a sign of shame/disgrace, reserved for the most despicable human beings, 

“Saved from what", not a lonely life or low self-esteem, but from the justice and wrath of God.

Dr. M Jones: I never let the patient write the prescription.

2. Foolish messenger: 1 Corin 1:26~31

We did not make the who’s who or who’s not.  Not many are brilliant & noble, only a few. We’re all nobody telling everybody about somebody. (The turtle knows it did not get there by itself.)  God is the sovereign seeker. 

3. Foolish method: 1 Corin 2:1~5 (man stand naked, armed with the word of God alone and preach the word)

Message is the substance, Preaching is the style.  Paul preach as dying man to dying man.

John Newton: I know what a great sinner I am and what a great savior He is. (Losing what he preached at the end of sermon later in his life.)

-Steven Lawson (Ligonier 2012)


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